1-Book: Super Duper Safety School: Safety Rules For Kids & Grown-Ups!

super duper

Reason for Choice: This resource teaches children (ages 4 and up) about personal safety in a way they don’t feel afraid. The language is simple so children can understand the content. The main character Sammy helps parents and kids start the dialog by using rules that make sense to children. Sammy explains each rule with an easy concept for children (thumbs up and thumbs down).

Use: This resource can be used in a workshop for parents about Children’s Personal Safety and it can be a resource material during staff training related to Prevention of Child Abuse.

Message: this book teaches children how to be the “boss of their own body”, how to watch out for “tricky people” and how they can be safe around people they know or don’t know. Also included is a comprehensive Parent Education Guide to help parents understand their role and how they can significantly minimize the risks to their children.

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2-Magazine article: Toxic Toys: When toys take a lickin’, be sure they’re still safe.

toxic toys

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3-Video Series: How to Install Car Seats for Infants, Toddlers and Older Children.

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Video #1: How to Install an Infant Rear-Facing Seat

Video #2: How to Install a Toddler Forward-Facing Seat

Video #3: How to Install a Child Booster Seat

4-Website: Children’s Health and Safety Association


The website contains over 50 new Health and Safety Documents from Car Seat Safety, Child Abduction Prevention to anything and everything to do with home environments including Emergency Preparedness and Poison Prevention. These documents are updated continually so that the readers have the most current and trustworthy information.

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5-Resource Sheet: Food Safety for Everyone

food safety

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6-Informational text: Baby Outdoor Safety

baby outdoor

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