1-Video: Parenting Lesson of the Week: Routine Charts from Positive Discipline Online Class with Jane Nelsen

Reason for Choice: This video teaches parents in a short duration of time and in a simple way, a powerful tool that will eliminate the need for nagging, fighting, and yelling through the morning and bedtime routines. The tool is called Routine Charts and the video is part of a Positive Discipline Online Course by Dr. Jane Nelsen. In addition, it tells parents how to adapt the chart for different age groups.

Use: The tool taught in this video can be explained in a meeting for parents or staff members. First, you need to ask the child what are the things he/she does before going to bed/after waking up. Then, you need to create a chart with all the routines (you can take pictures while the child is doing the activities, use Google Images or make drawings). The last part is to ask the child in which order he/she will do the activities, then you organize the pictures in a crescent order and with numbers, and  you hang the chart (eg.: child’s bedroom door, fridge).

Message: The video’s message is to teach parents a tool that will stop the nagging, fighting, and yelling when the children don’t want to go to bed or don’t want to get ready in the morning. The Routine Chart reminds the children what they have to do and in what order. It also helps to alleviate the parents’ stress because instead of yelling to the children “You need to do that now!”, you tell them “You can go look at your chart and see what is next on your list”.

2-Tips: Positive Discipline – Disciplining your child without spanking or hurting them!


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3-Handout: Time-out or Time-in? How to Encourage Good Behaviour


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4-Expert Advice: Your top 10 discipline dilemmas – solved

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5-Pamphlet: What’s Wrong with Spanking?


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6-Poster: Your Child Learns from you and your Actions


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