1-Video: Outdoor Preschool Activity Ideas for Active Play

Reason for Choice: The video gives suggestions of fun activities for children that can be done on a sidewalk and no materials are required. It shows a toddler and a preschooler doing the same activities and how to make it more challenging for the preschooler as the basic activities are too easy for him/her. In addition, the narrator describes what is being worked during the activities (balancing, strength of leg muscles, jumping, and counting).

Use: The content of this video can be written in a newsletter or watched in a meeting for parents and can be shared with colleagues during lunch time.

Message: The video shows parents that they don’t need special equipment such as a balance beam to work balancing with their children as they can use a curb or a sidewalk. Many children complain when they have to walk so this video teaches us to transform a walk into a game. The activities work different skills (balancing, jumping and leg muscles strength) that are very important for children’s gross motor development.

2-Resource Sheet: Children at Play in the Great Outdoors

children at play

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3-Activity Cards: Have a ball together!

lets play

The activity cards provide parents with seasonal ideas of how to be physically active with their children indoors and outdoors.

For all the activity cards, click Activity Cards.

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4-Report Card: The Biggest Risk is Keeping Kids Indoors

kids indoors

The ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is the most comprehensive assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada. It contains the benefits of active outdoor play and behaviours that contribute to overall physical activity.

For complete report card, click Participaction 2015 Report Card.

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5-Blog Post: Backyard Safari and Map Activity


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6-List:No Pool Required! 10 Fun Water Activities For Kids


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