1-Video: Feeding Cues

Reason for Choice: This resource is very useful and well-explained and teaches parents when to introduce solid foods to babies, how to follow their babies’ cues, signs of hunger, signs of fullness and how to follow their babies’ lead. It shows how to feed solids for the first time but also how they will react when they are a junior infant or a senior infant. Sometimes it is frustrating for parents when their babies are not eating and some show this frustrating to their babies. Although they are very young, they can feel it and make the situation even worse. The video teaches the importance to create a calm environment and how to “read” their babies so everybody can enjoy mealtime.

Use: this resource can be emailed to parents and caregivers so they can watch at home or the link can be posted in a newsletter; can be watched by colleagues during a staff meeting, especially the ones in the infant room.

Message: The video teaches parents how to create healthy and positive mealtime habits and learn how to follow babies’ cues when it comes to feeding them solid foods. It helps us to recognize when they are ready to eat solid food, how to tell when they are hungry and want to eat, when they are full and when mealtime is over. Moreover, it shows how children act when they want to eat more independently, and how parents feed is just as important as what they feed. The mood and the trust parents build during mealtime set a foundation for lifelong eating habits.

2-Tool: Sodium detector

pie chart

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3-Booklet: My Breastfeeding Guide


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4-Video: Canada Food Guide

5-Tips: Healthier Dining Out Tips

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6- Tool: NutriSTEP – Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler


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