1-Video Episodes: Harassment at work – Lily’s decision to make a human rights complaint

Reason for Choice: This resource was made by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and has 3 episodes that can be watched in less than 15 minutes. It shows in details how to file a complaint when you suffer discrimination. In these episodes, they decided to talk about harassment at work, but the information given can be used with any kind of discrimination. Moreover, they are based on true stories so the script is very realistic as they show what might happen in which complaint’s step.

Use: This resource is helpful for any person because everybody has the right to be treated equally no matter what is the environment. The episodes can be watched during a Human Rights Workshop at the child care centre and all community members should be invited.

Message: This resource gives us important information about The Canadian Human Rights such as: the Canadian Human Rights Act protects you from being treated unfairly or harassed for reasons such as race, sex, religion, age or nationality; Canadian employers and service providers have a responsibility for providing you with an environment or service that is free of harassment; any person who is being harassed, feeling bullied or intimidated, receiving unwelcome approaches or physical contact should consider filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The complaint can be done online or by mail; the employer cannot fire you for filing a complaint and the Commission will offer you to try mediation before going to court and the mediation is private and confidential so you don’t need to meet face-to-face with the person who harassed you.

2-Booklet: What You Should Know About Family Law in Ontario

family law

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3-Pamphlet: Know Your Legal Rights

know your rights

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4-Informational text: Adoption Process


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5-Informational text: Know your rights – Refugees


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6-Video: Rights and Responsibilities

Learn about the rights guaranteed to you under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code as well as the responsibilities you have as a citizen living in Canada