1-Video Series: Postpartum Depression

Reason for Choice: This is a video series created by Toronto Public Health, showcasing women and their partners who have experienced postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety. The series includes three videos about PPD: Identification and Awareness, The Road to Recovery and Partner Support. The videos have English subtitles, are easy to understand, and you can watch all of them in less than 25 minutes. In addition, the videos contain the opinion of a family physician who gives even more credibility to the content.

Use: This resource can be used in a workshop about Mental Health or in a staff meeting; can be useful for pregnant women and parents of newborns; can be shown and shared in places where they work with families (community centres, PFLCs and OYECs).

Message: PPD is a real illness and needs to be taken seriously. This resource helps families to identify the illness and don’t be ashamed to ask for help. It helps to break the stigma that PPD is a illness and not just a phase. It can happen to anyone, but you can find the support you need (therapy support, medication, one on one counseling with a family therapist). Moreover, it sends a message to all the partners as they are the most important ones to help the mothers to recovery from the PPD. The partners, who involve with the treatment in a positive way, help the mothers to recover fast.

2-Handout: Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

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 3-Pamphlet: Rights of the Child in the Health Care System


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 4-Informative Article: Food Allergies

food allergies

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5-Fact Sheet: Head Lice

head lice

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6-Informational Text: Tips to Reduce Immunization Pain


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