1-Book: Max’s First Day of Preschool – A parent and child’s guide to easing the transition into preschool

MaxReason for Choice: This book serves two publics: the children and the parents. It has all the components that make it attractive to children (it is a story of a boy, living adventures) as well as gives parents tips for easing the transition into preschool.

Use: This book can be a recommendation in a kit to give the parents when they enrolled their children at the child care centre; we can create a handout with the tips from the book and post in the staff room with a recommendation to read the book.

Message: Max is a boy in his first day of school. He meets his new teacher, plays with many new friends, and makes a very special present for his mom and dad. The book guides us in Max’s adventures as well as gives tips to the parents for easing the transition into preschool. This story is dedicated to every parent who has decided to send their child to preschool. Preschool is vital for children and provides the foundation for learning that will occur later in elementary school life.

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2-Magazine article: Preparing your Baby for Daycare

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3-Tips: How to Prepare your Child for Child Care

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4-List: Get Ready for the First Day of Preschool With Picture Books


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5-Magazine Question and Answer (Q&A): How do I get my toddler to adjust to daycare?


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6-Blog Post: 10 Tips for Transition to Child Care (From a mom who got it all wrong)mom.png

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