1-Website: Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Special Needs Section)

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Reason for Choice: The website is from the Government of Canada and gives all the information a family needs to get government financial help or services for their children with special needs. It is easy to navigate and when you want to read more about a topic, you just need to click on it. It is inclusive as it contains information for Aboriginal families. Some of the programs and services you can get information are: Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities, Aboriginal Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Child Nutrition Program and New Ontario Autism Program. In addition, it has resources for professionals who work with children with special needs.

Use: This resource can be recommended for parents in a newsletter; can be recommended for colleagues during a staff meeting.

Message: All children deserve to have a healthy, happy childhood and a chance to be the best they can. Some need extra help because they have one or more problems relating to their physical health, emotional health, behaviour, development, and mental health. The Ontario government provides and funds many special programs and services to help these children and their families.

2-Pamphlet: Inclusion in the TDSB 2015-2016


For complete pamphlet, click TDSB Inclusion.

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3-Resource Sheet: Communicating with Children who have Special Needs communication

For complete resource sheet, click Communicating with Children with Special Needs.

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4-Resource Sheet: Early Identification for Children with Special Needs

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For complete resource sheet, click Early Identification_Special Needs.

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5-Brochure: Geneva Centre for Autism – Did you Know?


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6-List: Holland Bloorview Onsite services


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